Multiplex Registered Shoots

December 6, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm America/Vancouver Timezone
Central Okanagan Shotgun Sports club
#25 Joe Rich FSR
John Scott
250 681 5681

A fun way to compete against yourself and measure your progress as a shooter. Each month you participate in a  PITA registered event consisting of 50 singles, 50 handicap and 25 pair of doubles with an optional sub-gauge singles event. You can track your ongoing scores on the PITA site and win money (see below) no matter what level you’r shooting at.

Competing in registered PITA shoots allows you to build a handicap in order to compete at your level in regional and Provincial competitions.

The PITA event cashier will combine scores from ALL locations and compute LEWIS CLASS PURSE winners for each event-singles, handicap, doubles and sub-gauge singles. $8.00 of each entry forms the Lewis purse paid one group for each 10 entries, maximum of four groups, 60%-40% high gun-US Funds.  PITA mails checks to winners at the end of each season.

A Multiplex HOA Name Tag is awarded to the HOA winner in each State/Province. Pins are awarded based on your state/providence of residency – not where you shot your targets.  You must shoot all targets 600 targets to qualify. Sub-gauge not included.

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