Lash Larue Fun Shoot – this Saturday

A reminder that the Lash Larue fun shoot takes place this Saturday, June 17.

Registration starts at 9:30 with shooting kicking off at 10:00.

This is a fun event and will give everyone a chance to participate in each of our venues: skeet, 5-stand and trap. Come with your own squad or we can set you up with other members.

This is a great fundraiser and everyone has a chance to win, with the Lewis.

 The forecast is for great weather so call up your buds and we’ll see you Saturday. If you have any questions please call me.


250 681 5681

Summer Hours

Starting June 3rd we are open Saturday, Sunday and Wednesdays. 10 am to 2 pm.

Saturdays, we will be shooting 5 Stand, Skeet and Trap.

Sundays we will be shooting Skeet and Trap.

Wednesdays we will be shooting 5 Stand, Skeet and Trap.

2023 Okanagan Open Skeet Tournament Results

Congratulations to this years winners and special commendations to our two junior competitors this year, Tirath Singh and Liam Payne, both members of Central Okanagan Shotgun Sports Club.

High Overall

Champion:  387/400 Bob LaRue

A Class 1st : 380/400 Mike McMichael

C Class 1st : 348/400 Elaine Hoeppner

D Class 1st :  340/400 Greg Burgess

D Class 2nd : 326/400  Ken Griggs

D Class 3rd : 322/400 Tirath Singh

E Class 1st :  309/400 Bryan Stapleton

E Class 2nd : 272/400 Yvonne Hardewick

High All Around

Champion   :    479/500 Mike McMichael

AA Class 1st :   476/500 Bob LaRue

C Class 1st    :   435/500 Elaine Hoeppner

D Class 1st   :   421/500 Greg Burgess

D Class 2nd  :  395/500 Ken Griggs

D Class 3rd   :  395/500 Tirath Singh

E Class 1st        395/500 Bryan Stapleton

E Class 2nd      346/500 Yvonne Hardewick

12 Gauge Event

Champion: 100/100 Bob LaRue

A Class 1st : 98/100  Mike McMichael

D Class 1st : 93/100  Elaine Hoeppner

D Class 2nd : 83/100  Greg Burgess

E Class 1st   : 84/100  Ken Griggs

E Class 2nd : 84/100 Bryan Stapleton

E Class 3rd : 75/100 Tirath Singh

E Class 4th : 71/100 Yvonne Hardewick

E Class 5th : 67/100 John Hickey

E Class 6th : 41/100 Liam Payne

20 Gauge Event

Champion :  98/100  Mike McMichael

AA Class 1st: 97/100  Bob LaRue

C Class 1st   :83;100  Greg Burgess

C Class 2nd  : 93/100  Elaine Hoeppner 

D Class 1st  : 90/100  Tirath Singh

D Class 2nd : 82/100  Bryan Stapleton

D Class 3rd : 82/100 Ken Griggs

D Class 4th : 77/100  Yvonne Hardewick

D Class 5th : 49/100 John Hickey

D Class 6th : 38/100 Liam Payne

28 Gauge Event

Champion :  97/100  Bob LaRue

AA Class 1st: 94/100  Mike McMichael

B Class 1st  : 92/100  Elaine Hoeppner 

C Class 1st  : 93/100  Greg Burgess

D Class 1st  : 80/100  Ken Griggs

D Class 2nd : 80/100  Tirath Singh

D Class 3rd : 74/100  Yvonne Hardewick

D Class 4th : 72/100  Bryan Stapleton

.410 Bore  Event

Champion :  93/100  Bob LaRue

A Class 1st   : 90/100  Mike McMichael

C Class 1st  : 71/100  Greg Burgess

C Class 2nd : 70/100  Elaine Hoeppner 

D Class 1st  : 80/100  Ken Griggs

D Class 2nd : 77/100  Tirath Singh

D Class 3rd : 71/100  Bryan Stapleton

D Class 4th : 50/100  Yvonne Hardewick

Doubles Event

Champion :  99/100  Mike McMichael

A Class 1st   : 89/100  Bob LaRue

B Class 1st :  86/100  Bryan Stapleton

B Class 2nd : 73/100  Tirath Singh

C Class 1st  : 87/100  Elaine Hoeppner 

D Class 1st  : 13;100  Greg Burgess                              

D Class 2nd : 74/100  Yvonne Hardewick

D Class 3rd : 73/100 Ken Griggs

D Class 4th : 42/100  John Hickey

D Class 5th : 36/100 Liam Payne

NSSA Level One Instructor Class

If you are interested, a list of qualifications for the course and application form follow.

There must be a minimum of 3 students registered for the class to be held. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Bob at or 250-861-4044 or drop by the club.

Qualifications for NSSA Instructor Certification Courses:
Whether you want to share information and techniques with your shooting companions, teach shooters in a formal setting or club, or make a career of developing future champions, the National Skeet Shooting Association’s Instructor Certification Program offers the path to pursue your goal. 

Courses can be established anywhere that three or more students can be assembled. Please direct any questions about the NSSA Instructor Courses to our Chief Instructor, Ralph Aaron at 334-308-8363 or
Level I courses are conducted by Zone Instructors, who are Level III and Masters. They are appointed by the Chief Instructor based upon need. Prerequisites for attendances are:

  • Current NSSA Member and 18 year of age
  • C Class or higher in one gun, currently or previously (with minimum of 300 NSSA
    tournament targets)
    There must be at least three students for the class to occur. The cost is $400.00 USD plus your shooting expenses.
    You will learn teaching techniques, the system for bringing on beginners, and shotgun shooting fundamentals. The Zone Instructors can travel anywhere in their Zone, with the students paying for the instructor’s travel expenses.
    Associate Instructor Level is for those who do not have a “C” class in any gun. The courses will be the same as a Level I course with the same materials and will be taught by a Zone Instructor. The cost is $400.00 USD plus your expenses. Associates will not be listed on the web site. The primary purpose of the Associate Instructor Program is to promote youth shooting in a safe conscientious manner, while providing the sound fundamentals of skeet shooting. Must be 18 years of age. The first year of membership with the NSSA is free under the Complimentary Limited Membership (CLM). Once a “C” class is acquired and the Chief Inst. is informed, a Level I patch and certificate will be sent for $25.00. (Must shoot a minimum of 300 NSSA registered targets, or 5 events to
    establish a “C” classification, no exceptions)
    *All qualifications are subject to change for betterment. These changes will be listed on the NSSA website.
  • Course registration click here: NSSA Level One Instructor Class Registration form

We’ve Doubled Our Junior Membership

12 year old Liam Payne recently joined our club. He has been getting lessons from Bob Larue, our president and a level 3 instructor. Liam will be shooting with our other junior, Tirath Sing, 11. T has been shooting at the club for 3 years. and won the junior class in last summer’s Okanagan Open Skeet Tourney

If you have a youngster who has his PAL and is interested in joining COSSC, feel free to bring them up and introduce them to Bob or Greg Burgess and we can get them started. You may want to come up to this years Okanagan Open running May 26 to 28th so they can see Liam, Tirath and other competitors in action.

Pat Bare can also help with PAL training. Check out Kelowna Firearms Training here