Garth Turner Hunter Special Results

NameScore out of 100Placed
Appell, Al91High Overall
Haavik, Russel89
Haavik, Richard88Runner up Hunter Special with 21/25
Hjorth, Dan84 
Burgess, Greg80
Scott, John78
England, Mike75 
Chancey, Don72
Wightman, Glenn71
Stapleton, Bryan69
Turner, Dave69High Overall Turner
Brown, Matlock68
Coutts, Steve67
Macaulay, Gord67 
Bare, Pat65
Turner, Josh65High Overall Hunter Special with 22 /25 and Runner up for Turner High Overall
O’Brien, Mark64 
Turner, Darren62 
Hoeppner, Elain60
Turner, Geoff59 
Hickey, John56
Hughs, John56
Vestner, Grant56
Bull, Steve55
Harding, Bob55
Knorr, Brandon55
Haaheim, Don54 
Jones, Aaron54
Turner, Danny54
Cobden, Roy53
Wozny, Earl50
Brown, Terry49
Bull, Bob48
Turner, Kyler48
Howlet, Micheal44
Knorr, Katie40
Howlet, Bruce30
Brown, Peggy29
Turner, Cole17DNF
 Bachman, BrentPAID, but did not Shoot.
It was a great day for the Garth Turner Hunter Special. We had 40 shooters come out and everyone had a fun day. Special Thanks to Dave Turner and all the volunteers who made the day such a success.