2020 Clubhouse Fundraising

Thanks to Trevor Beatty of  Jenish House Design who completed the plans for our new clubhouse. To build it, our goal is to raise $20,000. Construction started min-June and we hope to have the roof on before the snow flies.

Once Phase 1 is complete, in recognition of all donations, we will place a plaque in the club house listing donors in each of the 4 different categories:

                                    Platinum          for over           $1000.00

                                    Gold                for over            $750.00

                                    Silver              for over           $500.00

                                    Bronze             for over           $250.00

                                    Along with all other donators

So far, we have raised $6,375 plus $ 2,575 coming from the survey account.

Thanks very much to our donors to date:


                        Brian Deacon              Wynand Wessels

                        Pat Bare                       Paolo Padoin sr

                        Duncan Kowk



                        John Scott       Ridgedale Rod and Gun Club


                        Carlos Ponce              

                        Tim Lawler

                           All others

                        Chris Rogers, Yvonne Hardwick and Elizabeth Hoeppner

If you would like to donate to the 2020 Clubhouse Project please contact Pat Bare at pat.bare@yahoo.com

Thank You.